Why One Should Consider Using Privnote When Sending Private Information

Why One Should Consider Using Privnote When Sending Private Information post thumbnail image

Users of Privnote are able to send and receive notes that are encrypted over the internet using the service. With privnote, there is no need to sign up for an account or come up with a password in order to send notes to other users. It is as easy as typing out your message, selecting the red button, and then forwarding the link to the person you are communicating with. The message will be removed from the recipient’s inbox if they select the link contained inside it and click on it. However, even if the recipient is unable to click on the link, they can still read the message if they save the page and visit it again at a later time.
Privnote encrypts sensitive data using keys generated using AES-128 throughout the entire process. When the recipient exits the application, the link is automatically deleted from their Privnote account. Privnote provides additional protection choices such as passwords and reference names in addition to the more traditional method of encryption. If you believe that you require further privacy protection, you should sign up for a Privnote account and configure it such that it deletes old notes after a predetermined number of times they have been read.
Notes jotted down on Privnote.com may be transmitted through a link, an email, or an instant message; alternatively, users may employ any combination of these three communication channels. You also have the option of simply cutting and pasting the URL into an e-mail and including it as part of your response. The link will be permanently removed from Privnote as soon as you have completed sending the message, which will render the message utterly meaningless. This is an excellent method for transmitting passwords and other sensitive information to the individual to whom you wish to give it.


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