The History And Significance Of Pitru Puja

The History And Significance Of Pitru Puja post thumbnail image

In Indian practice, it is actually considered that a person’s heart and soul never dies. After a person’s bodily entire body passes away, their heart and soul life on and passes by down to the next technology. This is why forefathers are worshiped in India to ensure that their souls continue to stay peacefully and without having concerns. In this post, we are going to go over the history and importance of Pitra Devta and Puja (the worship of ancestors).

Exactly What Is Pitru Puja?

Pitru Puja is really a Hindu ritual executed to respect one’s ancestors. This puja is also known as Shraddha and Tarpanam. It can be typically done on the new moon time of your Hindu 30 days of Ashwin (September-October). This puja aims to indicate thankfulness to one’s forefathers as well as guarantee their souls are at tranquility.

How Do Pitru Puja Begin?

The roots of Pitru Puja may be followed straight back to the Vedic time. From the Vedas, there are several hymns devoted to the pitrs (forefathers). These hymns were actually sung by priests during religious rituals. As time passes, these hymns started to be referred to as “PitruSukta.”

The Rig Veda may be the earliest from the four Vedas, and it includes ten hymns devoted to the pitrs. These hymns are called the “Pitri-Katha.” In these hymns, the pitrs are referred to as becoming like gods, and they are generally required to bestow blessings upon their descendants.

The necessity of ancestor worship can even be noticed in the Mahabharata. Within this Hindu epic, Bhishma (one of the main character types) tells his grandson Yudhishthira about the necessity of forefathers and just how they will be worshipped. Bhishma states that those that tend not to conduct normal ancestor worship will be reborn as pets.

Bottom line:

Pitru Puja is really a Hindu marriage ceremony which has been witnessed for hundreds of years to honor one’s forefathers. This puja is recognized as to assure the tranquility and affluence of one’s ancestors’ souls. Pitru Puja is often carried out about the new moon day time of the Hindu four weeks of Ashwin (September-October). Consider achieving this puja so as to present your thankfulness in your genealogy.


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