Step-by-Step Tutorial on Applying Eyelash Glue

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Applying Eyelash Glue post thumbnail image

Using eyelash glue might appear to be a frightening job, although with our straightforward manual, you’ll be a pro in no time! Regardless of whether you’re making use of untrue eyelashes to get a special occasion or each day use, knowing how to use the adhesive correctly is essential for a secure, extended-long lasting implementation of eyelash glue.

Methods that you can comply with

●Step 1: Take away the untrue eyelash strip by reviewing the packing.

●Step 2: Position a tiny amount of lash fasten on the rear of your hands.

●Step Three: Employing a natural cotton swab or your finger, softly cover the advantage from the fake lash strip with stick.

●Move 4: Seem into a mirror and place the falsies as close for your all-natural lash range as you can.

●Phase 5: Gently push down on the strip before the glue dries.

Dos and Don’ts

●Do select the best type of fasten. Its not all lash glues are the same. In case you have hypersensitive eyes, opt for a hypoallergenic water-proof stick like duo eyelash glue in Obvious. This solution packages rapidly and contains falsies securely in place—no issue how sweaty or watery your eyes get. For added maintain, attempt Awesome Stick Lash sticky. This tough-as-fingernails or toenails fasten is great for make contact with athletics fans or anyone that desires their falsies to essentially hold up against anything at all life tosses their way.

●Don’t use excessive glue. Some fasten should go very far. You only need a thin covering about the strip to adhere the falsies for your all-natural lash collection. Making use of a lot of adhesive not merely will make it harder to apply the lashes evenly but in addition improves the chance of the stick seeping to your eye, that may trigger discomfort.

●Do let the duo eyelash glue looking for 20-30 seconds before you apply the lashes. This may give the adhesive time and energy to come to be tacky in order that the falsies will adhere much better. In the event you use them too earlier, they won’t put also and could drop off during use.

●Don’t utilize tension immediately after fixing the lashes. After you’ve adhered the falsies for your lash series, depart them alone for about one minute to create properly. Implementing pressure too early will cause them to disappear too soon.


There you may have it! Using eyelash glue is quick and easy when you know how to proceed. Just stick to these five steps and you’ll have gorgeous lashes that previous the whole day.

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