Delhi Awas Yojna

Food, water, shelter and clothing are the basic needs in the life of human beings. But for the people of Delhi, buying a house in Delhi is a mammoth task. The skyrocketing prices in the residential and commercial sector in Delhi have obstructed the people from buying their dream house. Housing in Delhi has become a cause of wary for buyers. Delhi will soon be purely the city of elites due to the continuous price appreciation. The price range of property per sq. ft in West Delhi is Rs 10, 285. In South Delhi prices per sq ft. are Rs 11,518-28,815. In East Delhi, the trend per sq ft. is Rs 8,160-17,085 and in North Delhi prices are registered to be RS 7140-12,282 sq. ft. Such high rates have compelled people to quit Delhi and move to national capital region like Dwarka and Noida where prices are comparatively lower. But the economically weaker sections of the society don’t have an option in NCR, which has in turn led to the mushrooming of illegal colonies or slums.

Delhi government is significantly loosing on revenues due to the barred growth in realty sector. The Master Plan Delhi 2021 lay a close emphasis on ‘Housing for all by the 2022’. With such high prices, it won’t be possible to turn the vision of MPD-2021 into a reality. The MPD 2021 takes into account factors like affordability and redevelopment of low residential areas, and therefore has encouraged the development of four smart cities in Delhi. The largest among these four proposed smart cities is Dwarka. It alone has the capacity to develop 4-5 lakh housing units. Inspired from the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna, Delhi Government has come up with the Delhi Awas Yojna, which will be developed at Dwarka Phase-2 and will have 300 units. Delhi Awas Yojna will allot houses by Draw and has reserved around 33% of units for women. The prices of Delhi Awas Yojna are kept in accord with the economically weaker section of the society.