New Land Pooling Policy will Remove Individuals of Economical Housing


On Thursday, the group of housing society urged Narendra Modi who is a Prime Minister of India to ensure the execution of previously permitted Land Pooling Policy, because the new land pooling policy will remove individuals of inexpensive housing in few areas of Delhi, and warned of the agitation also if it is not implemented.

The FEDHSDD (Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi) that held a protest at the office of DDA (Delhi Development Authority), also informed to Narendra Modi demanding instant rollback of adapted land pooling policy because it will “reduce the amount of flats by 40-50% and also affect over forty thousand individuals who are spent under the policy”.

Protest DDA

Satish Aggarwal who is a FEDHSDD Secretary told that “this unexpected increase in amounts is due to Delhi Development Authority, the altered policy, is brought down the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) from 400 to 180. The alteration defeats the primary purpose of economical housing as well as will also lead to the development of illegal colonies in the capital city”.

He said that “we will visit the office of Prime Minister and opt for hunger strike when our demands fail to meet”.

Also, Satish is alleged that Delhi Development Authority is taken the “U-turn” on the notification of land pooling policy on 2012 and randomly altered the policy for benefit big builders and developers by lessening FARs, by making the consortium provision essential and making 1-time payment of EDC (External Development Charges) compulsory.

As per the newly-planned alteration, he alleged that “less number of private developers will completely take over a role of Delhi Development authority as facilitator and consolidator”.

Satish said that “this process is a huge nexus between big builders and Delhi Development Authority for depriving the cooperating housing solutions to get economical houses. In the random and haphazard manner, Delhi Development Authority tries to skirt its entire responsibilities. It is the ploy for killing the movement of a cooperative housing to benefit big builders. Now, we will let this to occur”.

The previous Land Pooling Policy is offered minimum 25 lakh economical houses to individuals including fifty thousand houses to middle-class people, pointed out by Satish.

He said that “the Delhi Citizens have spent roughly about Rs 35,000 crore in this policy. In before, all farmers and stakeholders are satisfied with these provisions but currently, from where people will manage the additional amount”.

The Federation is planning with lots of farmers and members to hold an extremely huge protest for pressurizing Delhi Development Authority to get back this decision.

Aggarwal said that “farmers who sold their land in this planned zone locate in north Delhi are actually up in arms completely against Delhi Development Authority as well as have threatened for launching a huge protest. Additionally, the Federation is given many letters to the vice chairman of DDA and also written to Modi for resolving the problem, but the Indian government is failed to pay attention to our ideas”.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday DDA told that the public hearing on this land pooling policy will be planned to conduct on 2nd and 3rd July.