A Comprehensive Guide on How to Download MP3 Songs Online From DownloadLagu321

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Download MP3 Songs Online From DownloadLagu321 post thumbnail image

MP3 is a song file format that offers better compression than the standard “Red-Book” audio CD standard. Because this offers smaller and more convenient files, it quickly became the most popular music distribution format. For example, instead of downloading an entire 4-minute song that’s 48MB, you could download a 3-second MP3 snippet that’s only a few kilobytes in size. Use downloadlagu321.live to download songs.
Over the years, MP3 has taken over as the most popular distribution format for music because it is extremely convenient and lightweight. However, this problem is that since the songs are so small, people have started to illegally share copyrighted mp3 files on P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing networks. This has led to the rise of lawsuits, shutdowns, and in some countries, even criminal charges being filed against people just for downloading a song.
How to download?
While it is possible to download MP3 songs from P2P networks, I do not encourage the act; if you are certain you must go this route, please use common sense and take precautions.
The only way to download mp3 files without breaking the law is by using a legitimate service that provides direct downloads (including “samples” and preview songs).
1. Buy CDs from your favorite artist. This is probably one of the more obvious ways to acquire music legally, but I’ve included it for completeness’ sake. If you like your music, support the artist!
2. Purchase (or download) an entire retail album from a file hosting site such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, or Mediafire. Although there are legitimate uses for these sites to share large files with friends and family, most of their use is for spreading copyrighted material.
3. Use a search engine to find free MP3s. Thousands of legitimate websites host free mp3s. Since Google indexes millions of web pages, it’s hard to list any here – do a search for “free mp3 download” or something like that, and you should find what you’re looking for.
In conclusion, downloading MP3 files is not illegal; however, it can easily lead to problems if you are caught. If the RIAA or other copyright enforcers stop you, simply be honest and say that you were unaware of the laws surrounding music distribution – this would be true for half the people on file-sharing networks today.

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