A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Dab rig

A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Dab rig post thumbnail image

Exactly what are the various parts of a dab rig?

A dab rig typically is made up of four principal pieces: a nail, a dome, a normal water water pipe, and a torch. The nail is definitely the portion of the rig that you simply temperature and touch your completely focus to. The dome goes within the nail to capture the vapour. Water water pipe can be used to cool down the vapour before you breathe in it. Eventually, the torch is used to warmth the nail.

Other add-ons you may use along with your dab rigs, just like a carb cover or dabber. A carb limit enables you to management the airflow whilst keeping your awareness from evaporating too rapidly. A dabber is used to make use of your focus on the nail.

Now that you understand all the diverse dab rig components, you’re ready to begin using 1! Just remember to take it slow initially and be careful not to go crazy. With a little bit of exercise, you’ll be an authority.

How to thoroughly clean a dab rig

Cleaning up a dab rig is important for a couple of good reasons: to hold the taste of your respective focus real as well as prevent the buildup of risky microorganisms. The initial step is usually to disassemble your rig and take away the nail. Up coming, relax every one of the parts inside a answer of rubbing alcoholic drinks and salt for around a quarter-hour.

Following that, always rinse every thing with very hot water and allow it to atmosphere dried up.

When everything is dry, you may reassemble your rig and use it once more. You can keep your dab rig clean and safe to use with just a little energy!


Dab rigs are an easy way to enjoy your chosen concentrates. Just be sure you accept it slowly initial and nice and clean your rig routinely. With some process, you’ll be a specialist right away! I appreciate you reading! I am hoping it was beneficial.

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